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She's walking along a narrow path and if she leans too far she'll fall into the trap.
On one side she's an angel with long flowing hair, pale feathers, rosy cheeks and eyes like the sky.
On the other she's a devil with the wicked smile.
She's scared and doesn't know which way to lean, so she's walking and trying, not just trying, but she's crying.
She's crying for help and no one can hear her cause they're all to wrapped up in their own little tight rope game, and she's begging for help from God or an angel, and she gets nothing but cold dead silence, so she prays for a demon to take the pain and it laughs cause she's weak and standing there in the cold all alone.
She's crying for help for someone to take her hand, and so she jumps cause that's all that she can do to stop this endless rope and she's falling and crying and begging for it to end and suddenly she stops and there it is, the bottom and it's not too far.
She's crying because it's been here all along and she's crying cause no
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The cost?
A penny for your thoughts,
a dollar for you time,
a heart ache for the moment,
a crushed dream for the rest of time,
I can pay you to love me;
I can work for it too,
so why can you just say “I love you too”?
Am I ugly?
Am I stupid?
Am I not worth the time?
No way, it is not me it is you!
I’m perfect,
you’re the one with flaws,
and you play me?
Guess what?!
I’m done.
I don’t need you,
I have someone new,
He doesn’t make me play for his thoughts,
Nor his time, nor his dreams or kisses,
He holds me at night when I’m cold,
He loves me in the rain,
He holds my hand in front of his friends,
He even dreams of my laughter.
I’m flying away,
Your still grounded,
I’m smiling,
Your wishing I was at you,
I’m dancing in the rain, singing in the thunder, and smiling in the lightning,
You’re hiding, you’re scared, and wishing I was there.
I loved you,
you missed out,
Guess what…
I’m sorry…
I’m h
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I have never really done anything besides poetry so I’m gonna post something about a movie and I will be doing this at least twice or even three times a month.
I’m a girl, that shouldn’t come as a surprise, my name is Lily I’m sixteen years old, and this is my view oooooon The Twilight franchise! Ok onto the discussion.
Q: How do you feel about Bella, as a person?
A: I dislike Isabella. Not as a character but as a person to person. She is a big obsessive personality type and is almost scares me. She is instate-popular which almost never happens, she is almost too quick to judge, and she also has a bit of a rude tone to her parents. Now many teens and kids call their parents by their first name. I do it at times when I am truly mad and I apologize after I cool down, Isabella does it without regret and never apologizes. She is almost always suicide or I’ll die, when not given her way, and she is a backstabber when you truly look at her. Ditching her human fr
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Three words
Love and hate
Have we not learned how much they both hurt?
With love you put yourself out, your body and soul!
But look at us now hurt, crying, pained looks and broken hopes!
I love you
I hate you
Both three words that would make or break me, I could cry or kiss
I hate you I love you
So simple, so strong, so hopeless!
But right now right here I don't know
Should I hug you and say I love you
Should I slap you and say I hate you
Which one, i'm so torn right now
All because of thought stupid words
:iconimamnobody:imamnobody 1 4
Mature content
sweet blade :iconimamnobody:imamnobody 3 6
I was stupid to think you loved me
I was silly to give you everything
I was an idiot to ever fall up for your lies and sweet kisses
You were stupid to ever love me
You were silly to believe everything i said
You were an idiot to think that i love you and only live for you
:iconimamnobody:imamnobody 4 3
Last night I had a nightmare
You had said "I love you!"
When I woke up I remembered it was true…
:iconimamnobody:imamnobody 2 0
Skinned knees, broken bones,
                blood  noses
                 Are so much easier to fix than
                                          a broken
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                 I looked up at the sky one night and
                         I saw a shooting star, it was beautiful.
                           I closed my eyes and wished and wished.
                             you came up to me and whispered something in my ear
                               that broke my heart so I sat down again, looked up and
:iconimamnobody:imamnobody 4 2
if you live to be 80, you'll have slept 30 years away, gone to school and sat with home-work for at least 9, and worked for almost 14. Since you've already spent more than 6 years being little kinds and playing. and later going to be spending at least 12 cleaning house, cooking food, and looking after your own kids, it means you have 9 years at the most to live, and you want to spend those years pretending you've amounted to something in a masquerade that means nothing, when you could instead be enjoying your 9 years right away!  
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Nothing mattera.
I have known that for a long time.
So nothing is worth doing.
I just realized that.               
:iconimamnobody:imamnobody 2 3
I tried so hard to keep
(i love you)
(i love you too)
(your so perfact)
(my one true love)
                         you out...
that's a lie
:iconimamnobody:imamnobody 1 2
:iconimamnobody:imamnobody 3 1
your the best
you were the best
you could play me like a fiddle
you could lie straight to my face and not blink
your every candy sweet lie, and sugar coated word lies
your every kiss your love nothing but fault
you broke me
yes you were the best
the best lover, flirt, and man I could ever want
the best liar, cheater, and fake I could ever want to kill
so yes I do say your the
:iconimamnobody:imamnobody 1 0
worlds no galaxies apart
were the sun and moon never meant to be one but together forever
like fire on the water never meant to co exist but here we are
an emo and a prep not ever but here we are holding hands kissing loving like no other
so don't tell me its over
don't say were done
I need you like i need the air
don't say good bye
just one more
:iconimamnobody:imamnobody 2 0
I'm lost alone cold and scared
no one can hold me on one to chase away the monsters who haunt my dreams
I'm lost in mind body and soul
no one to tell me its ok no one to make me smile
I'm lost out in the rain
hurt tears falling and holding my heart
I'm lost
what happened to you and i
maybe was lost
and you did not truly find me  
:iconimamnobody:imamnobody 4 0


[HOBBIT] Fili Kili and Thorin by twosugars16 [HOBBIT] Fili Kili and Thorin :icontwosugars16:twosugars16 333 27 HP:marauders' generation by viria13 HP:marauders' generation :iconviria13:viria13 18,656 1,674 Harry's generation-P1 by viria13 Harry's generation-P1 :iconviria13:viria13 17,946 1,225 Rebel Heart: Magena by daekazu Rebel Heart: Magena :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,110 85 hades and persephone 2 by sandara hades and persephone 2 :iconsandara:sandara 146,960 11,348
My friend who supports me
My friend who kills me
My friend who loves me
and who I certainly love.
Will you give it to me
Your narcotic vengeance
Which I crave so much
and I want it to take me
Oh, my putrid friend
My sweet enemy
Will you take my conciousness
and leave it behind?
I love you my strange friend.
Give me what I want.
and you shall have me
For your disposal.
:iconmoon-tribe:Moon-Tribe 34 7
The lights are out and I'm feeling manic
My heart is thumping in a shivering panic.
It's like I'm hitting, my all time low;
How many more; do I have to go?
Hello, hello, can you hear me speak?
I'm afraid my voice is getting weak.
My screams and sounds are growing quiet;
I need those pills; I'm growing tired...
Without them I'm colourless, just an empty face
Oh no, oh no, I'm in a dirty place...
I don't know how and I don't know why;
But it's just so hard to say goodbye.
When you need a feeling, when you need a high;
It's really easy to tell the lie:
'I'm fine, I'm fine, it's just a trial!'
But you can't hear, your own denial...
"Hello, hello, how low will you go?"
-Chen Yuan Wen, 8th May 2012
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 184 99
have you ever been an addict.  and im not talking
about the hey-i-like-to-do-this-alot type of addict.
im talking about the
type of addict.  im an addict.  ive never blown anyone
to get it.  i dont think i would.  but i havent been
given the opportunity to either.  the reason i say 'i
dont think i would' is because i like to pretend that
i still have something thats mine.  dignity, pride,
standards.  but i know i would easily toss those away
just to get it.  i know because i have.  so all i
really have is it.  for one hour.  for two hours.  for
fifteen minutes or however long it last.  however long
i can afford it to last.  ill be high for fifteen
minutes if thats all i can get.
im an addict.  i dont get high just to get high.  i
get high just to get my mind off getting high for a
few hours.  after a fix im good for eight hours.
maybe.  then the last of my previous highs memory
cells dry up and i want.  need.  how ca
:iconmibi:mibi 116 82
Favourite Flavour by julvett
Mature content
Favourite Flavour :iconjulvett:julvett 536 87
Stay in the TARDIS by Arkham-Insanity Stay in the TARDIS :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 212 31 Boyfriends by julvett Boyfriends :iconjulvett:julvett 7,879 530 Double Date - commission by widzilla Double Date - commission :iconwidzilla:widzilla 648 73 We can be your Pizza man by Nile-kun We can be your Pizza man :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,200 190 Driver Picks the Music by enginesummer Driver Picks the Music :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 320 44 The Impala by froskeIlone The Impala :iconfroskeilone:froskeIlone 342 67 Dodge 2 by Hhemmati Dodge 2 :iconhhemmati:Hhemmati 12 9



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Hello there, to all those who read this my name is Shezza (Not my real name, but I love it) I'm a dork, and if you're a dork like me then you know that I love to read, and write. I'm a huge music fan, my current obsession is 5SoS, as well as My Chemical Romance. I enjoy watching Tv shows, my favorite so far is Sherlock, and Doctor Who, and supernatural a close third, as well as all the crime shows.
I'm a passiont writer about anything I feel, I haven't been on so HIIIIIIIIIII!
I'm sorry i'm not on this profile so much it's driving me bonkers because i'll get on one and forget this one! 
Besides that I'm really hopping to join this group called Dominion of the Wolves, it's a wolf rp that looks and sounds so lovely..problem is I can't draw to save a life. 
I mean if you could help in any way just message me on here. 
Thank you and how you all are feeling wonderful! 


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